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We are the ONLY INDEPENDENT truck workshop in the Nelson area.

Our truck workshop handles a wide range of maintenance, repair and servicing for a wide range of trucks and commercial vehicles, including heavy plant. Our qualified heavy automotive technicians are friendly, approachable, and passionate about what they do.

Our guys understand that whilst your truck is off the road it can be costly in time and money, so we are committed in providing you with a quality and efficient service/repair for your trucks to get you back on the road as fast as possible.

Jaltest diagnostic technology @ Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares Ltd
Jaltest Diagnosis Technology

We have recently purchased a Jaltest Multibrand Diagnosis Tool.
This tool can deliver diagnostics for trucks, trailers, vans, utes and buses.

The main features of this fantastic tool is:

  • Diagnosis
  • Activations
  • Components tests
  • ECU data
  • Systems identification
  • Systems configuration
  • Measuring
  • Reprogramming

A single diagnostic tool for all your vehicles!


We do everything from a bulb replacement to a full ground up rebuild, including:

  • Pre – CoF inspections
  • Tailored preventative maintenance programmes to client requirements
  • Full range of repair from gearbox and differential rebuilds, brake work, chassis repairs, steering, suspension, drive-line, cooling and cab/deck repairs
  • Trailer repairs
  • Heavy machinery
  • Engine and transmission overhaul and replacement
  • A one-stop-shop for all your truck repairs


We use a mechanical workshop programme which keeps a full vehicle history of your vehicles, record of non-urgent work that needs to be completed during your quiet times and it will also remind you of when your vehicles CoFs/WoFs and Rego’s are due. If your vehicle requires a WoF or CoF, we can have this completed for you before the vehicle is returned to you. The invoice can be sent direct to us so you only receive one invoice. We have a fantastic rapport with inspection providers but we are completely independent.

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