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Rat In Air Filter

Rat and Air Filter: A Mismatch You Want to Avoid  🐭🚛

One of our skilled technicians recenlty stumbled upon an unexpected guest during a routine oil change – a clever rat made itself comfy in a truck’s air filter! 🐀

These furry critters like to seek refuge in warm spots, and your vehicle can become their cozy hideaway. They tend to rip up filters to create comfy nests using the soft material, which can not only lead to premature filter replacement but also the unpleasant lingering scent of rat odors. 😬🤢

Don’t let your truck become a rat’s holiday retreat! Prevent any unwelcome guests and ensure your vehicle stays in tip-top shape with the expert servicing and repairs at Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares. 🛠️

Give our friendly team a call today at 03 5473 712, and we’ll make sure your truck is rat-free and ready to hit the road safely. 📞🚛

Contact Nelson Truck Repairs for all your servicing requirements. And….happy to get rid of that clever rat who’s made itself comfy in your truck’s air filter!

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