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Hole Intake Manifold

Intake Manifold Meltdown: Unveiling the Hungry Hole!

We recently had a customer drop a vehicle into our workshop with concerns about a “hissing noise” and lack of power on and off. Our tech found a rather good size hole in the intake manifold. yep, that would do it!!

So, what happens when you have a hole in the intake manifold of your vehicle?

Rough Idling

An intake manifold leak can cause irregular or rough idling of the engine. The uneven air-fuel mixture can lead to engine misfires, resulting in a shaky or unstable idle.

Loss of engine power

The intake manifold is responsible for distributing the air-fuel mixture to the engine cylinders. A hole in the intake manifold can disrupt this process, leading to a loss of proper air and fuel supply. As a result, the engine may experience reduced power and performance.

Poor fuel efficiency

A compromised intake manifold can affect the engine’s ability to receive the correct air-fuel ratio, leading to inefficient combustion. This can result in reduced fuel efficiency, meaning you may need to refuel more frequently.

Engine light illumination

A hole in the intake manifold can trigger the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system, causing the Check Engine Light to turn on. The system detects abnormalities in the engine’s performance, including issues with the air-fuel mixture, and alerts the driver.

Vacuum leaks

The intake manifold also plays a role in maintaining vacuum pressure within the engine. A hole in the manifold can create a vacuum leak, disrupting the balance and causing issues with various components that rely on vacuum pressure, such as the brake booster or the HVAC system.

Increased emissions

An improper air-fuel mixture due to a hole in the intake manifold can lead to increased emissions. The vehicle may fail to meet emission standards and could potentially produce higher levels of pollutants, contributing to environmental pollution.

It’s important to have any intake manifold issues addressed promptly and have any “hissing noise” and lack of power sorted by a qualified mechanic – Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares. We can inspect the damage, assess the extent of the problem, and recommend the necessary repairs or replacements to restore your vehicle’s performance.

Call the team at Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares today!

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