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Metal Shavings

Metal Shavings in Transmission Fluid…..Not Good!

Some metal particles in transmission fluid may be ok e.g. normal and harmless. However, metal shavings can be an indication of friction, wear, or tears on the inner components. Not good.

Your trucks transmission is one of the components you need to pay attention to as it works in harmony with the engine to provide peak performance, torque, and speed. And……without it, you could be in a pickle!

Here is a transmission oil drain bung which has a little too much metal shavings. Our fab technicians are currently repairing this transmission for our customer.

So if you notice issues like, vehicle hard to get into gear, slipping gears or unresponsive, don’t ignore get it!

All you need to do is call the team at Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares, 10 Venice Place, Stoke. 03 5473 712

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