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Importance Of Brake Maintenance

The Importance of Brake Maintenance

The importance of brake maintenance is vitally important. It goes without saying that without brakes you won’t be able to stop or will have reduced stopping ability. As well as greatly increasing the risk of an accident. When it comes to truck safety, the quality of your trucks braking system plays a crucial part and is one of the most important safety features your vehicle has.

If a hub seal is leaking, oil or grease will be present. It may even be spattered on the dust shield, brake shoes or brake drum. If this is the case you may experience reduced stopping ability and brake imbalance. The importance of brake maintenance is essential.

If you notice something isn’t quite right with your brakes e.g. hear grinding noises, squeaking, vibration when braking or reduce stopping ability don’t delay. Bring your vehicle into Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares and let the team check over your brakes.

Another brake job in the workshop today – brake reline and new brake drums.

Call us today to have the brake on your truck checked.

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