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Message from our Auto Electrician

As temperatures drop and winter sets in, its quite often the time our vehicle battery is starting to get sluggish on starting. As you probably already aware, a vehicle’s battery is its lifeblood. It provides the necessary power to start the engine and operate various electrical components. However, colder temperatures can significantly affect battery performance, leading to potential issues.

The chemistry inside a typical lead-acid battery slows down as temperatures drop, reducing its ability to deliver power efficiently. Additionally, the cold can increase the internal resistance of the battery, making it harder for it to supply the necessary voltage to start the engine. This combination of factors often results in sluggish starts or, in some cases, complete battery failure.

Visit the team at Nelson Truck Repairs and ask them to test your battery. Especially if you’re already starting noticing the vehicle battery is starting to get sluggish on starting. If its getting near its end of life, then we can replace it. But don’t put it off – Murphy’s Law: It WILL conk out when you need it the most!

If your vehicle battery is starting to get sluggish on starting, contact our Mobile Auto Electrician or the team of technicians in the workshop. Our Auto Electrician’s skills extend to caravans, motorhomes, earthwork equipment, trailers and even trailered boats and our Diesel Technicians skills are vast. The team at Nelson Truck Repairs are true experts in their field.

The team at Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares look forward to your call – 03 5473 712

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