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What are the benefits of remapping?

The obvious benefit, and the main reason drivers get a remap (a.k.a “tuned”), is to give their vehicles extra power and torque.

However, remapping can also offer other positives….

  • Improved fuel economy (That is, if you don’t drive like Stirling Moss…Oh please don’t tell me you don’t know who Stirling Moss is!).
  • Better control and drivability – with an enhanced throttle response, your vehicle will feel smoother and easier to drive.
  • Easier towing – of trailers, caravan, boat or heavy tools/equipment on your deck. A remap will give your vehicle extra power and torque, so it won’t have to work so hard when climbing or accelerating.
  • Avoid expensive vehicle upgrade costs -Thinking of selling your vehicle because it’s gutless and sluggish when towing? Try a remap first!

Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares are the approved dealers for Diesel Tune NZ. Top of the South and West Coast areas. Give the team a ring today for a remap and totally transform the way your vehicle performs and let the benefits of remapping speak for themselves!

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