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Clutch Assembly

Clutch Seized Solid…

Clutch seizing solid – It goes without saying, that the clutch assembly of a manual gearbox is rather useful 😊. The clutch pressure plate interacts with other parts, such as the clutch disc and flywheel.

So if your clutch is starting to get to the end of its life, you may start to notice a few things starting to happen. A few symptoms that could indicate the clutch is starting to fail, or worse still – the clutch seizing solid, include:

  • Difficulty selecting or changing gear
  • Slipping clutch
  • Pulsating clutch pedal
  • Overheating (burning smell of the clutch)
  • Clutch release noise
  • Vibration in the transmission system
  • Grinding feeling during gear changes

Our technicians have recently been working on a Hino 500 with its clutch plate seized to the pressure plate.

For all your clutch repairs, contact the team at Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares today!

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