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Fuel Prices Driving you CRAZY???

Are fuel prices driving you crazy? You can increase the fuel efficiency and power of your car, ute or truck with a customised tune from the team at Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares.

We recently tuned this Holden Trailblazer with excellent results…here is what the owner said about it:

” Whoa she’s a rocket. I noticed it didn’t change down where it would normally. Best of all was the fuel consumption. I re-set it before coming in (from Motueka to Nelson) this morning and it did 8.6 litres/100. Coming home after the tune 7.3 litres!! Really happy. Thanks so much”

On top of this fuel saving, he also got an extra 20% horsepower and 13% torque!

Remember we also offer solutions for those pesky Ad Blue, DPF and EGR issues.

Stop letting fuel prices drive you crazy and call the team at Nelson Truck Repairs & Spares today! 03 5473712

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